Our Products

Below you will find just a small selection of the type of products we use.  


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    Nordic Mixer

    Midas Towel Ring

    Midas Toilet Roll Holder

    Midas Soap Dish

    Trident Cross Bath Set

    Trident Lever Bath set

    Trident Lever Shower Set

    Trident Cross Basin Set

    Vintage Connector

    Track Rail with Overhead Shower

    Track Overhead Rain Shower

    Track Mixer

    Track Hand Shower

    Track Fixed Shower

    Starlett 1745 Bath

    "S" Style Shower Arm

    Royale Bath

    Right Angle Shower Arm

    Mystic Fixed WAll Shower

    Metro Wall Hung Invisi(TM) 11

    Metro Wall Faced Invisi(TM) 11

    Metro Close Coupled

    Medina Bath

    Vand Wall Basin

    Lusso Lever Shower Set

    Lusso Lever Bath Set

    Lusso Lever Basin Set

    Lusso Adjustable Wall Shower

    Liano Wall Basin

    Liano Vanity Shelf

    Liano Vanity Basin

    Liano Under Counter Vanity

    Liano Towel Ring

    Liano Toothbrush Holder & Tumbler

    Liano Toilet Roll Holder

    Liano Soap Dish

    Liano Single Rail

    Liano Shower Set

    Liano Shower Rail

    Liono Seni Recessed Vanity Basin

    Liono Robe Hook

    Liano Mixer

    Liano Hand Wall Basin

    Liano Fixed Wall Shower

    Liano Double Towel Rail

    Liano Bath/Spa Set

    Liano Bath Set

    Liano Above Counter Basin

    Leda Vasque Above Counter Basin

    Indus Overhead Rain Shower

    Harmony Hand Wall Basin

    Flex Wall Faced Invisi(TM) Series 11

    Cube Wall Hung Invisi(TM) Series 11

    Cube Wall Faced Invisi (TM) Series 11

    Cube Wall Basin

    Cube 500 Under Counter Vanity Basin

    Cube 500 Above Counter Vanity Basin

    Cosmo Towel Rack

    Cosmo Towel Arms

    Cosmo Soap Dish

    Cosmo Soap Basket

    Cosmo Robe Hook

    Cosmo Double Towel Rail

    Corner Wall Basin

    Comapct Wall Basin

    Ceiling Mounted Straight Arm

    Caspian 1675 Bath

    Caravell 600 Semi Recessed Vanity Basin

    Camelot Vanity Basin

    Dorf Neo basin mixer

    Dorf Flickmixer sink mixer

    Dorf Belmore basin mixer

    Caroma Track basin mixer

    Caroma Starlite basin set

    Caroma Nordic basin mixer

    Caroma Cube Extension wall basin

    Caroma Cube above counter basin

    Caroma Cosmo

    Caroma Centro Vanity Basin

    'Dorf Crystal' basin mixer

    'Posh' fixed/swing double bath screen

    'Kado Arc' walk in shower

    'Posh Doninique' 900 Semi Recessed floor vanity

    Shawerama Project Timber 910 Floor Vanity

    'Caroma Vand' Semi Recessed Basin

    'Omvivo Pond' above counter basin

    'Ryluc Senza' 1620 Wall Vanity

    White Stone XS Sheer